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 521132N 0013652W








 HON 113.65 VOR (174 10NM) 

 DTY 116.4 (270 18.4NM)


 WINTER: Daily 0900 - S/S + 30 mins, or 1730 
 (whichever earlier)  Winter night flying Thursdays and Fridays by arrangement.

SUMMER: Daily 0900 - 1730 BST and by arrangement 
 (unlicensed after 1730, no training/touch & goes/practice go-arounds permitted 
 outside these hours) 

Prior permission is required by telephone (Or by E-Mail out of office hours) on Sat & Sun and Bank Holidays

*Wellesbourne Airfield accepts genuine emergency and precautionary diversions without charge per CAA CAP667 9.2 (c)



Fixed wing circuit height: 1000ft QFE. 
RWY 36 & 05 LHC
RWY 18 & 23 RHC (See diagram below)
Standard overhead join at 2000ft, joining crosswind above the upwind end of the Runway or direct join if traffic permits, giving way to traffic in the circuit

Fixed-wing circuit diagram

circuit height 600ft QFE. Join low level at AD boundary, or join the heli circuit as shown on the diagrams linked below and aim for Heli  'E' or 'W'. Depart from 'E' or 'W' remaining at 600ft aal until clear of the circuit

Helicopter circuit diagram

Runway 05/23 closed Fri 1630 (local) until Sun 0930z, also Fri 16:30z to Tue 10:00z on Bank Holiday weekends due to the market.

The villages of Wellesbourne, Charlecote, Hampton Lucy and Loxley are very noise sensitive and every effort should be made to avoid over flying these areas

Runway 36 departures: At the airfield boundary turn right onto a track of 030 towards the green roofed buildings and climb to 1,000ft QFE before turning crosswind.

Runway 36 arrivals: On left base, remain south of Loxley village and the outlying houses as shown on the circuit diagram

Runway 18 departures: Climb straight ahead and turn right crosswind to pass between Loxley village and Ettingley Farm, passing to the south of the small lake and houses

Runway 05 departures: After departure turn left onto a track of 030, avoiding Wellesbourne village

Noise routing map:  Pooley's Flight Guide here

An unlicensed 506 x 30m grass strip is located west of and parallel to the main runway 18 / 36. The grass is only available by prior arrangement. Simultaneous  operations with the grass strip and the main tarmac runway are not permitted

Non radio aircraft not normally accepted

Touch and Go's are not permitted after 17:30 local time, except during winter night training sessions

Please avoid Snitterfield Gliding site, 4.5 miles north-west of Wellesbourne, where cable launching of gliders up to 2,400ft AMSL takes place all year round

Info for Drone operators here







Rwy 18/36 fixed-wingCircuits

Birmingham Airspace Avoidance Chart

Airfield Chart       

Noise Routes Chart

Runways Declared distances (SURFACE ASPHALT)  Figure in brackets includes additional unlicensed pavement

 Runway Length Width   TORA   LDA       TODA      

THR Elevation


   18  917m(1224) 23m(46) 917m(1224) 917m(1095) 917m(1283) 152ft 177 M
      36     917m(1224) 23m(46) 917m(1224) 917m(1046) 917m(1284) 157ft 357 M
  05 587m(609) 18m(46) 587m(609) 587m(609) 587m(712) 159ft 046 M
   23   587m(630)  18m(46) 587m(609) 587m(609) 587m(705) 156ft 226 M




 THR 18/36 HI
 RWY 18/36 HI edges. End lights red
 APAPI 18 (3) 36 (4.25)

 A/D Beacon: Flashing White Strobe
(On Control Tower)

Rwy edge lights are located on the outer shoulders of the Tarmac and not at the edges of the declared width   


 AVGAS 100LL (1.50p per litre plus 20% tax)
 AVTUR JET A1 (0.74p per litre plus 5% tax) 
 Available 0900-S/S + 15 min or 1715 whichever earlier. Out of hours by arrangement. All cards accepted 
 (updated 24-05-18)



ST80, ST100, W80, W100, MULTI, TURBINE (SHELL) 
80, 100, D80, D100, DM15W50





EC 4 hours notice for inbound flights, non-EC flights or non EC Passports require 24hrs notice inbound and outbound by submitting a GAR  online here.
If you cannot submit an online GAR, E-mail a GAR to the NCU: ncu@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

Submit a GAR Website    GAR Form

AOPA Guidance Website  Fuel Drawback Form


Inbound and outbound 12 hours notice required by submitting a GAR online here. If you cannot submit an online GAR, E-mail a GAR to the NCU: ncu@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

Submit a GAR Website    GAR Form

AOPA Guidance Website   Fuel Drawback Form


File online using AFPEx or other planning software
(Most of our Flying Clubs have an AFPEx account or a personal account can be set up here

Your Flight Plan can be filed online in the Control Tower by prior arrangement, subject to staff workload

Flight Plans must be filed 1 hour before departure



 01789-842007 (Radarmoor Ltd/Admin)
 01789-842000 (ATC)



 01789-470465 (ATC)
 01789 470112 (Admin)



 CV35 9EU



 Charlecote Pheasant Hotel(1 mile) - 01789 279954
 Old Dispensary B & B  (1 mile) - 01789 470060 
 Arrow Mill, Alcester (10 miles) - 01789 762419
 Kings Head (1.5 miles) - 01789 840206
 Meadow Cottage (1.5 miles) - 01789 840220
 Glebe Hotel (5 miles) - 01926 624218


 TAXIS AND HIRE CAR  TBK Executive Cars - 07771 622970 (Local Pilot)
 Main Taxis (Stratford) - 01789 415333
 Wellesbourne Taxis (Dawn 'til Dusk)- 07768 436662
 Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Leam Spa) 01926 885866

SatNav: CV35 9EU (Main entrance Control Tower Car Park on Loxley Lane)

Nearest Railway Stations: Stratford upon Avon 5 miles (Slow trains to Birmingham Snow Hill & London Marylebone) Warwick Parkway 8 miles (Fast trains to Birmingham Snow Hill & London Marylebone) Leamington Spa 8 miles (Fast trains to B'ham New Street, Coventry, Manchester, Newcastle, Scotland, Reading, Bournemouth and London Marylebone)

Motorway: M40 J15 A429 (London 90 mins Birmingham 40 mins)

Cafe: Open daily 09:00 - 17:00 (CASH ONLY. Terrace available with good views of aircraft)

Market: Saturdays and Holiday Mondays 08:30 - 16:30 (Entrance off A429)

Museum: Open Sundays and Holiday Mondays (entrance from main car park)



 Heli Air  01789 470476 *
 On-Track Aviation  01789 842777
 Take Flight  01789 470424 *
 Touchdown Inn Cafe  01789 470575
 South Warwickshire Flying School  01789 840094 *
 Warwickshire Aviation (Maintenance)  01789 470225

* - Flying Lesson Gift Vouchers available

LINKS page for websites & contact details)





 LANDING FEES (VAT incl. Valid from: 01-01-17)

Microlight (Not exceeding 450kg) 10.00
Fixed wing single (1 or 2 seater) 12.00
Fixed wing single (4 seats or more) 20.00
Fixed wing single turbine (eg: C208, TBM7, PC12) 40.00
Touch and Go (Singles)  7.50 
Fixed wing small twin  <2,500kg(eg PA34, DA42, BE55) 25.00
Fixed wing large twin >2,500kg(eg BE20, BN2A, PA31) 50.00 
Touch and Go (Twins) 10.00
BizJets 60.00
Rotary piston   (eg R22/R44) 15.00
Rotary turbine (Single & Twins) 25.00
Overnight Parking (All aircraft) 10.00
Day Rate (By prior arrangement, weekdays only) SINGLE 40, SMALL TWIN 50
Night flying session based aircraft (Thu & Fri) 10.00 (Visitor fee 20.00)
Runway lights out of hours 25.00 + Landing Fee